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YouTube-videon näyttäminen ei onnistunut. Tarkista markkinointievästeiden hyväksyminen ja selaimen yksityisyysasetukset.

Suomen AIPPI ry, also known as the Finnish AIPPI Group, is a non-profit association operating as the national chapter of AIPPI in Finland.


Resolutions adopted at the 2021 AIPPI World Congress Online

The annual AIPPI World Congress was held between 15 – 22 October 2021 as a virtual event online. The resolutions adopted at the Congress concerned:

  •  Inventiveness and sufficiency of disclosure in AI inventions 
  • Registrability of trade marks against public order or morality 
  • Industrial designs and the role of prior art 
  • Reasonable awareness in compensation for infringement of IP rights

The final English language versions of the adopted resolutions can be found behind the Status & Other Materials tab. Finnish AIPPI Group would like to thank all the delegates and members of the study groups for their work for these resolutions.

New board for the Finnish AIPPI Group in 2021

The Annual Autumn Meeting of the Finnish AIPPI Group chose a new board to the Group as four board seats were decided in a vote. The board will begin its work on 1 January 2021. The new board includes Minna Aalto-Setälä, Pirke Fustioni, Kalle Hynönen, Folke Johansson, Jussi Karttunen, Karri Leskinen, Päivi Raatikainen, Panu Siitonen, Pekka Salomaa ja Riikka Tähtinen. Congratulations to the new board! 

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