We are the Finnish AIPPI Group

Suomen AIPPI ry, also known as the Finnish AIPPI Group, is a non-profit association operating as the national chapter of AIPPI in Finland.


AIPPI 2021 Study Questions published - Call for working group members/leaders is open

AIPPI 2021 Study Guidelines have been published and are available on the "Statutes & Other Materials" section of the website. Topics this year are the following:

  • Patents: Inventiveness and sufficiency of disclosure in AI inventions
  • Trademarks: Registrability of trade marks against public order or morality
  • Copyright: Industrial Designs and the Role of Prior Art
  • General: Reasonable awareness in compensation for infringement of IP rights

The Finnish AIPPI Group is currently forming national working groups to draft responses to the Study Questions. AIPPI members and all other interested parties are welcome to join the working groups by sending an email to tiia.asikainen@roschier.com on Monday 1 February 2021 at the latest. Please state in your email which working group(s) you would like to join and whether you would like to join as a working group member or as a group leader. AIPPI membership is not required to participate.

Participation in the national working groups is one of the most rewarding and important ways to participate in AIPPI's activities. It is also a great way to maintain and develop professional skills and meet like-minded people. For non-members, it is also a good way to get to know AIPPI better.  

New board for the Finnish AIPPI Group in 2021

The Annual Autumn Meeting of the Finnish AIPPI Group chose a new board to the Group as four board seats were decided in a vote. The board will begin its work on 1 January 2021. The new board includes Minna Aalto-Setälä, Pirke Fustioni, Kalle Hynönen, Folke Johansson, Jussi Karttunen, Karri Leskinen, Päivi Raatikainen, Panu Siitonen, Pekka Salomaa ja Riikka Tähtinen. Congratulations to the new board!

Annual Autumn Meeting on 16 December 2020

The Annual Autumn Meeting of the Finnish AIPPI Group was held remotely on 16 December 2020. 

Before the actual meeting, the Finnish AIPPI Group held an event where Ilkka Vuorenmaa, KPMG Oy, told about the findings of studies conducted as part of the ongoing IPR Strategy project in Finland, after which the AIPPI Resolutions 2020 were briefly introduced to the audience by Johanna Flythström (Patent), Pamela Lönnqvist (Trademark), Kalle Hynönen (Copyright) and Juhani Sinkkonen (General).  Thank you to our speakers for the interesting insights! 

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